On the afternoon of September 21st, NJIT held concurrently Opening Ceremony of Sino-Finnish Cooperation Program 2018, MOU Signing Ceremony of NJIT-Oulu Joint Research Center and Opening Ceremony of School of International Education. This indicates that the exchange between NJIT and the University of Oulu in Finland is moving forward in all directions and in multiple dimensions and the internationalization of NJIT has leaped to a new level.   

President of the Oulu University Niinim?ki and his visiting-group, Education Official of Finnish Embassy in Shanghai and Representative of Finnish National Board of Education, Ms. Lukia Yang, Prisident Shi Jinfei of NJIT, Vice President Cao Xuehong, Vice President Zhang Yangfei, Professor Zheng Xiaosong of Shanghai University and other guests attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Zhang Yangfei. Relevant responsible persons and representatives of the Academic Affairs Office, Students’ Affairs Office, International Cooperation and Exchange Office, School of Computer Engineering, and School of International Education also attended the ceremony.   

SHI Guojun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing Institute of Technology delivered a welcoming speech. He expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests attending the ceremony on behalf of all the teachers and students of the school, and extended heartfelt congratulations to the freshmen of the “Sino-Finnish Cooperation Class” in 2018. He said that in the background of the construction of "Belt and Road" and pragmatic bilateral cooperation between China and Finland, the cooperation between our university and the University of Oulu is of great significance. It is not just an inter-school cooperation, but also one of the representatives of inter-city cooperation between Nanjing and Oulu, as well as one of the representatives of the cooperation of higher education between China and Finland.

“Read ten thousand books, walk ten thousand miles”, secretary SHI Guojun genially sent to freshmen in 2018. He pointed out that the cooperation programme between China and Finland is the first "4+0" double-degree cooperation programme between universities of China and Finland. During the four-year study in our university, the students here may “be well-served in both Chinese and Western without going abroad”, and enjoy the high quality education and teaching resources of the two universities. It is said that “ You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink,so as the relationship between teacher and student.” Secretary SHI Guojun hopes that students will work harder and harder in their future study and life, become truly international professionals, and become ambassadors for cultural and technological exchanges between China and Finland. Secretary SHI Guojun hopes that teachers and staff participating in the joint university running projects will continue to make efforts to develop overall cooperation in fields like teaching and scientific research, and to push the Sino-Finnish Cooperation to a new height by taking this Cooperation Programme as a new starting point, by our new School of International Education, as a support, and NJIT-Oulu Joint Research Center as a development platform.

In speech of Ms. Lukia Yang, Officer of Finnish National Agency for Education, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland, she said that as the first ever Sino-Finnish double-degree program, this Cooperation Programme will serve as a monument in the history of educational collaboration between China and Finland. The cooperation between Nanjing Institute of Technology and University of Oulu will create for Chinese students a great opportunity to experience authentic Finnish pedagogy and to gain Finnish degrees without going abroad. While Finnish education has been famous all over the world for its quality and access, she was looking forward to seeing it integrate within the Chinese educational systems and flourish into flagships in Sino-foreign partnerships in research and higher education. Meanwhile, she hopes that the students trained in the Sino-Finnish program will not only excel in software engineering technology, but also work as human hubs to increase the mutual understanding and further collaboration between Finland and China.


Under the common witness of the leading guests and the warm applause from all the teachers and students,Prisident Shi Jinfei of NJIT and President of the Oulu University Niinimäki of Finland jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on the cooperation of the Joint Research Center (JRC). The research center was set up to regularly organize academic conferences; to apply for joint research projects in China, Finland or the European Union; to exchange researchers, staff and students; to work together to foster master's and doctoral students and to share research equipment together.    

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, Ms. Lukia Yang, an official of the National Education Department of Finland, President of the Oulu University Niinim?ki of Finland, and Prisident Shi Jinfei of NJI jointly inaugurated the school of International Education. The school mainly serves for Sino-Finnish cooperative education and foreign students' programs in China. According to different projects, the school will set up independent training programs, focuses on the cultivation of students' academic ability and practical innovation ability, highlight professional learning while strengthening the cultivation of English language skills. A comprehensive international atmosphere will be created.


President Shi Jinfei delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the Freshmen of “Sino-Finnish Cooperation Class” 2018. He warmly welcomed the guests and congratulated the new students of Class 2018 on opening up their college life. He said that the exchange between NJIT and the University of Oulu has been going on for three years. The two parties have carried out substantial cooperation in fields of students’ and teachers’ exchange visits, scientific research projects, and introduction of high-end talents. The present “4+0” Sino-Finnish cooperative program creates a new model that “students complete their four-year studies in China, and obtain the bachelor’s degree awarded by both Chinese and Finnish parties.” The students of Sino-Finnish Cooperation Class can not only feel the atmosphere of cultivating talents with a solid foundation, but also enjoy the advanced higher education ideas and internationalized teaching resources of the Oulu University. As the lucky ones enrolled into the “Sino-Finnish Cooperation Class”, the students should be ambitious, steadfast, committed to cultivating their own international vision and mastering solid professional knowledge, excellent practical skills and excellent cross-cultural communication ability.

President Shi Jinfei pointed that today's ceremony is the historical testimony of the deep friendship and good partnership between the two universities. It is also a milestone for NJIT to take a new step towards international cooperation and exchange. It is hoped that in the years to come, NJIT will keep focusing on the exchange and cooperation,work hand in hand to create brilliance. It is also hoped that the international exchange and cooperation of our university will be further improved.   

President of the Oulu University Niinim?ki of Finland reviewed the deep friendship between the two countries and the good relations between the two universities in cooperation and exchange. He said that the cooperation between the two universities is the largest international Educational Project for the University of Oulu. In addition to agreement related to this great program, the two universities also signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Nanjing Institute of Technology and the University of Oulu to expand collaboration to other programs. In coming years, we aim at launching three new programmes between our universities. The cooperation between our two universities will soon deepen through a joint Sino-Finnish cooperation centre. In the software engineering bachelor programme, the first one hundred students are starting studies this autumn. In four years, the number of students will rise to four hundred. The programme has proved to be highly attractive among students, based on the high number of applicants. To students he said: Work hard, but enjoy learning and challenging yourself; learn also from each other.

Representatives of the Chinese teachers, Zhang Jiande of the computer Engineering School, Ma Kula of the University of Oulu, and Sun Binjie of  Sino-Finnish Cooperation Class 2018, respectively, spoke at the ceremony "To create a better future" was the main topic.   

After the opening ceremony, all guests, teachers and students took a photo and than the guests visited the campus. Sound infrastructure, perfect teaching equipment and beautiful campus environment impressed the guests at most.       

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