On September 26th, Professor Jouko Niinimaki, President of University of oulu, Finland, was invited to visit Nanjing Institute of Technology (NJIT), and the Chair of University Council, Mr. Shi Gujun, warmly welcomed the guests.


Mr. Shi expressed warmly welcomed Mr. Jouko Niinimaki. He briefly introduced the basic situation of Jiangsu Province and Jiangsu higher education, reviewed the preliminary cooperation program of the two University in the past two years which was approved by the Ministry of Education. He said that the successful cooperation between Oulu University which was so far away from China and NJIT is really hard to come and both sides should cherish this cooperation opportunity. The program will recruit 100 students in September 2018. At present, the relevant staff of the two universities are engaged in all-round discussion and docking from the aspects of teaching, curriculum, enrollment, quality monitoring, network platform, and the establishment of remote teaching platform.


Mr. Shi said that the cooperation between the two sides has important significance because it is not only the cooperation between the two universities, but also higher education of two countries. He proposed to expand the cooperation to other majors like Communication Engineering, Information Management, Clean energy and other professional based on the cooperative program of software engineering undergraduate education, and expect to deepen the cooperation and exchange between the two universities. He hoped to establish the Sino-Finnish Institute soon.


President Jouko Niinimaki expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of NJIT and congratulated the the success of the cooperation project. The delegation expressed gratitude for Jiangsus 1.1% land area, 5.8% of the population, and 10.2% of the total national economy. President Jouko Niinimaki said the success of cooperative education project are extraordinary significance not only for the University of Oulu but the whole Finland. He himself appreciates the historic proposal made by the Mr. Shi which is to establish Sino-Oulu Institute. As one of the members of the Finnish Ministry of Education delegation, Mr. Jouko Niinimaki will go to Beijing to attend the meeting of the Ministry of Education in Beijing in two weeks. He will share the experience of successfully running NJIT-Oulu cooperative program with the two participants. He wills propose Sino-Oulu  Institute be listed as one of the education cooperative project between Finland and China. Mr. Jouko Niinimaki is positive, optimistic and full of expectations for future cooperation between the two universities.

Shi Jinfei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee and Vice President of NJIT accompanied to meet the delegation of Oulu University. The heads of the School of Computer Engineering and the International Cooperation and Exchange Department attended the meetings.

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