1. After the application is accepted, Nanjing Institute of Technology (NJIT) will send the offer, invitation letter, certification of accommodation in NJIT-campus and a China-entry Application Form to the applicants. Applicants should apply to Chinese Embassy/Consulate for China-entry visas by themselves.

2. NJIT will offer free pickup at Shanghai/Nanjing airport or railway station if being informed of arrival time (date and number of flights or trains).

3. Applicants will be free of tuition fee and accommodation: A single or double room, air-conditioned in summer, bathroom with hot water, Fridge, internet and public washing machine.

4. Applicants will study in School of Electric Power Engineering, School of Communications Engineering, School of Automation, School of Environmental Engineering or Industry Centre of NJIT according to their majors.

5. Applicants can have a certain hours of Chinese langue courses in NJIT per week.

6. Applicants have chance to obtain a scholarship from NJIT.

7. Duration: 1-2 Semesters (negotiable). Every school year has two semesters. The spring semester is from late February to mid July, and the fall semester is from late August to late January next year.

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